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Kamari, Santorini is a village built next to the sea, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the east of the island.

It is 9 kilometers from Fira and is located next to the airport on one side and Mesa Vounos on the other.

It is one of the largest villages of Santorini, while its beach is considered by many to be the most popular.

At a very close distance, on top of Mesa Vounos, the ruins of ancient Thera have been discovered, where today one of the two great archaeological sites of Santorini is located, together with the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri.



Amenities & Beach

Kamari is a modern area that preserves its Cycladic, traditional style unchanged with white buildings, a rich commercial market and shops of all kinds, as well as all the tourist services required for excellent hospitality, such as accommodation, restaurants and taverns serving the local delicacies, cafes, bars and beach bars etc.

The large church in the central square of the village is Panagia Myrtidiotissa. Tradition says that her icon was found in the myrtle trees, while the locals set up a big festival on the day of the celebration, September 24.

The beach in Kamari, with a length of approximately 5 kilometers, is fully organized, with shops along its entire length, has fine black sand and is wide and impressive.





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